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SWG-12/1100R portable cable fault location system is a complex solution for safe, fast and easy locating a faulty place on low and medium underground voltage cables. It includes a powerful high-voltage unit, which has a test, burn and surge generation modules, and a time-domain reflectometer for locating faults on cables.
Main features: 
- Suitable for portable application
- Easy to operate
- Multiple fault location methods included
- 10.4” High-contrast color TDR display
- Improved convenience for operator
- Heavy duty
The high-voltage unit of the system provides with high-power up to 1100 Joules surges at 3; 6 and 12 kV ranges. At each range, the output voltage is smoothly adjustable. The rate of surge waves can be smoothly adjusted. The single manual shot option is also included. The DC output mode is provided for quick fault diagnostics. The 100 mA burn mode is available.
Digital Impulse Reflectometer (TDR) provides you with 10.4-inch bright high-contrast TFT display with touchscreen. The 800*600 pixels resolution makes the picture sharp. The touchscreen allows an operator navigate through the menu fast and easy. An alternative way of navigation is included. It is provided with a control knob.
RIF-9 integrates a multiple ways of fault prelocation. It can be used either as a standalone device in TDR mode or in a conjunction with HV‑module, working in arc reflection mode.
RIF-9 has USB interface. The package content includes software for PC (optional), which allows working with saved reflectograms. The firmware can be easily updated through USB interface by inserting a flash drive.
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