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ETL-40V is a modular diagnostic and test equipment, which is designed for testing and fault location of both LV and MV cables. The key parameters are designed flexible to satisfy customer’s specific requirements.
- DC cable testing up to 40 kV with 300 mA max. current;
-  Burning up to 20 kV / 1 A;
-  Surge energy up to 2400 J;
-  Precise fault prelocating using Time‑Domain Reflectometer RIF‑9 working in:
-  TDR mode;
-  Arc-Reflection mode;
-  Impulse Current Mode;
-  Voltage coupling mode;
-  Automatic test procedure;
  Fault location using step voltage mode (optional).
-  Easy user friendly interface;
-  High safety level;
-  Multistep self fault protection;
-  Flexible auxiliary equipment integration.
Technical Specifications
DC voltage range                                           0 – 40 kV 
DC current, max                                            300 mA 
Measuring uncertainty                                    less than 3 %
DC voltage range                                           0 – 20 kV
DC current, max                                            1 A
Measuring uncertainty                                   less than 3 %
Stages                                                           4; 8; 16; 32 kV
Max. surge energy                                         2400 J (at 4 kV stage); 
2000 J (at 8/16/32 kV stages)
Timer set (automatic surge mode)                  5 – 15 seconds
Manual single surge                                       yes
Flexible voltage change during automatic operation  yes
Pinpointing with an acoustic receiver             yes
Methods                                                         TDR; Arc reflection;Impulse current; Voltage coupling
Automatic distance measuring                      yes
Saving cable parameters into Reflectometer non‑volatile memory   yes
Saving reflectograms either to Reflectometer non-volatile memory or USB flash drive       yes
Cable tracing using 50W audio-frequency generator with frequencies 491/ 982/ 8446 Hz with a receiver                                                       yes
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