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Specifications: Sulfonated asphalt is a watersoluble, polyanionic sulfonated asphalt.

Applications: It is used in the drilling industry for processing any water-based drilling fluids. Sulfonated asphalt is designed to block cracks in a wellbore thereby preventing slides and cavings, as well as black shale hydration. Sulfonated asphalt performs very well at high temperatures. This asphalt is an ideal lubricant, emulsifier, and anti-filtration reagent.

The main consumer of sulfonated asphalt is oil industry. Sulfonated asphalt is a component of water- or oil-based drilling.
As part of solutions, sulfonated asphalt performs several important functions:
· Acts as an inhibitor of clay shale; strengthens the walls of the wells, and prevents them from shattering; promotes rapid sealing of cracks;
· Reduces water loss in the conditions of high pressure and high heating;
· Imparts better lubricity to the solution; makes filter cake less sticky;
· Allows mixing solutions of high quality without additional use of emulsifiers
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