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The TORNADO-71 is designed for extreme, high temperature downhole conditions. The robust electronics combined with vacuum flask technology allow this product to perform at 350 °C (662 °F) continuously, for four hours.
By combining the measurements from the downhole gamma, spinner, casing collar locator (CCL), pressure, and fast response RTD temperature data with TORNADO’s DepthWatcher (TORNADO109), a depth versus time recorder, customers have the capability to create synchronized profile logs.
Customers can generate these logs using SmartLog, TORNADO’s proprietary software, which creates temperature and pressure profiles based on depth that can be easily opened in any commercial logging software, as resulting files are in the LAS standard data format. The software is simple to use, while providing all the necessary interactivity with the tool and data, from programming, downloading, data processing to reporting.
For more information on the TORNADO71, and to discover the best configuration of this tool for specific applications, please contact a Tornadorepresentative.

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